1. Acts and Rules related to Cantonment Board Roorkee


The Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Mannual & Record Used By Employees For Discharging Its Functions :–

The following Acts/Rules are held by the Cantt Board which are used for discharging its functions: (a) Act (b) Rules (c) Regulations/Notification/Bye-laws


1. The Cantonment Act. 2006

2. The Public premises of Eviction Act. 1971.

3. The Cantonment (Ext. of Rent Control) Act 1957.

4. Industrial dispute Act.

5.Cattle Tress passes Act.

6. Workmen Compensation Act.

7. Minimum wages Act.

8. Payment of gratuity Act. 1972

9. Registration of Birth and Death Act.

10. Govt. Building Act.

11. RTI Act 2005.

12.Disaster Management Act. 2005.
(b) Rules :

1. Cantt Account Code 1924.

2. Cantt Land Adm. Rules 1937.

3. Cantt Property Rules.

4. Cantt Fund Servant Rules 1937. 5.Transfer of Property in Cantt Rules.

6. The Cantt (Forms & Manner of Service of Notice) Rules 1986.

7.Grant of leave to Member of CB Rules

8. Rules regarding election of V.P of CB.

9. Fundamental and Supplementary Rules. 10. C.C.S. (Pension) Rules 1972.

11. General Provident fund (CS) Rules 1960.

12. Medical Attendance Rules 1944.

(c) Regulations/Notification/Bye-laws :

1. Business Regulations.

2. House Tax notification.

3. Water Tax notification.

4.Toll Tax notification.

5. Dog Tax notification.

6. Show Tax notification.

7.Scavenging Tax notification.

8. Building Bye-laws-Erection/re-erection of Buildings.

9. Bye-laws Regulating erection of endorsees etc.

10. Segregation of animal suffering from contagious disease.

11. Enforcement of Compulsory vaccination.

12. Bye-laws for grant of trade licenses.

13. Regulation or prohibition of Traffic in street.

14. Appointment of Agents.

15. Regulation, Conservations & Protection, Contamination or Trespass of source/means of Public water supply and matters relating to supply and use of water.

16. Regulating inspection & giving copies of CB record/documents.

17.Regulation of lighting of vehicle between sunset & sun rise.

18. Prevention of the spread of tuberculosis.

19. Use & occupation of out House.

20. Regulation and control of dogs & Prevention of rabies.

21. Stabling or herding of animals.

22. Collection & recovery of Toll tax.

23. Control of nurse/midwives & Dais.

24.Control of eating-houses.

25. Grazing of animals.

26. Private & Public slaughter houses.

27. Regulation of the cutting of trees/shrubs.

28. Control of use of loudspeaker.

29. Regulation of Job Porters.

30. Ward Rules.

2. Birth & Death Registration