Skill Development/Voctional Training Centre

Vocational Training Centre/ Skill Development Centre, by parent department are also working in the School premises. School students and near about students such as un-skilled, droppers are taking training in various trades of different modules. The different trades in the VTP are Electrical (ELE), Electronics (ELC), Information Technology & Information Technology Enable Services (I.T & ITES), Textile & Apparel (Garments (GAR), Home Decor (JEW) and BEAUTY CULTURE & HAIR DRESSING (BEA) which was approved by Sector Skill Council (SSC). The lab equipped with modern tools and machineries.Many trainees have stood at their own feet after getting the training in the modules/ trades/ courses. Moreover, self employment is also promoted, which in turn makes them job generator instead of job seekers. Thus furthering the cause of Skill India. Many candidates have got the job in the private sectors. This is a great achievement in this field that many ladies/girls in the society trained out from the Cantonment Board Vocational Training Centre Roorkee, are effectively working.

Trained Trainees detail Sector wise:

1 Electrical 259 07-08 Month 20
2 Electronics 249 07-08 Month 20
3 IT & ITES 426 07-08 Month 35
4 Textile & Apparel (Tailoring) 157 07-08 Month 20
5 Home Decor (New course started from 07 Jan. 2016.) 58 07-08 Month 20
6 Beauty Culture & Hair Style (Beauty Parlour) (new course started from July 2017 48 07-08 Month 20

Trainees are imparted with best skills which will help them stand out in the job market.. VTP/SDC- CBR skill the un-skilled youth, and upgrade the skills of skilled workers. We have been making efforts to create an efficient ecosystem for the youth to provide those opportunities to acquire employable training skills for securing respectable job and progressive livelihood by enhancing earning capacities through skills development.

ATAL Tinkering Laboratories (ATL)

Under “Atal Innovation Mission” of NITI Aayog, Govt. Of India, every C.B.S.E. affiliated School in the country applied for “Atal Tinkering Laboratories” out of which only 457 school(s) was selected in first instance and Cantonment Board Senior Sec. School, Roorkee is one of such schools. Under ATL, Cantonment Board Sr. Sec. School, Roorkee will get financial aid of total Rs.20 lakhs by NITI Aayog up to 5 years. Rs. 12 lakhs has already been received by the Cantonment Board Sr. Sec. School, Roorkee for the first year. Through ATL GOI is promoting innovation and Entrepreneurship across the length and breadth of the country among the students of Class- VI to XII and nearby school(s) and also for community students of VTC. The equipments, apparatus and tools recommend by NITI AAYOG have been procured through listed vendors of NITI AAYOG. Students take part in different challenges and activities assigned by NITI Aayog/different organization/ agencies on various days i.e. Atal Community Day, Tinkerfest, School of the Month challenge (SOM) etc. with full zeal at ATL. Many projects havebeen made by students such as Krishak Integrated Security Automated Network (KIOSK), Water Harvesting, Blind Stick, Home Security, etc. AIM, NITI AAYOG appreciated our school ATL as the best performing ATLs in our region for which they assigned us to motivate and guide other ATL.