The whole Cantonment Board divided into 2 sectors. One in Civil area and another is Military area. Each sector is being looked after by a Sanitary Supdt. and Sanitary Inspector. The total No of safaiwala is 79 on Permanent basis and 45 Safai wala on contractual basis. The Cantonment Board Roorkee is having 3 close top tipper and 2 tipper and 01 cesspool emptier for collection of solid waste and sewage waste for removal of rubbish etc. and one tractor for multi-purpose work like as leave the water tanker.

The Board maintains :-
1. 05 PGL’s.
2. 02 Mobile toilet.
3. Total No. of employees engaged for Sanitation purpose 79.
4. 01 Cesspool emptier.
5. Total No of garbage collection vehicle is 07.